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One focus of EODOPEN is the aspect of audience development. This includes a citizen-centred approach that invites the broad public to participate in the process of selecting works for digitisation. In addition to targeted award campaigns via social media or cooperation with institutions and associations, specific target groups are invited to make suggestions.

Award Campaign Tyrolensia Catalogue

The University and State Library of Tyrol has taken its own approach by digitising the handwritten Tyrolensia Catalogue, a historical research tool created approximately from 1908 to 1930, in order to make it available online as a basis for further research on Tyrol-specific topics. The catalogue serves as a thematically guided reference work when it comes to identify content – primarily monographs with Tyrol relevance – for digitisation. In the course of the EODOPEN project, the University and State Library of Tyrol is organising a closed award campaign for Tyrolean chroniclers to evaluate the content of the catalogue.

“All project partners will start dialogues with the audiences for consulting the works to be selected for digitisation.” (EODOPEN)

Tyrolean chroniclers

On Friday, 3 February 2023, EODOPEN had the pleasure of welcoming a group of Tyrolean chroniclers to the University and State Library of Tyrol. After a guided tour through the library, the Digital Services department was able to present the EODOPEN project as well as the handwritten Tyrolensia Catalogue both digitally and physically in the special collections. Based on this catalogue, the Tyrolean chroniclers will help in the coming months to select further Tyrol related books for digitisation. A following online event – as research session and as a close dialogue with the target group – took place on 8 February 2023 and formed the starting point of the campaign.

Tyrolensia Catalogue in figures

The catalogue is structured thematically and can be summarised into four major groups. Formal and content-related description of the Tyrolensia Catalogue:

A total of 18 volumes:

  • 3 volumes "Poets" A-Z
  • 3 volumes "Biographies" A-Z
  • 11 volumes "Places and subjects" A-Z
  • 1 volume "Index of places and persons" A-Z

Approximately 15,000 entries in total:

  • Poets: 886 cards/approx. 2250 entries
  • Biographies: 801 cards/approx. 1570 entries
  • Places and subjects: 2978 cards/approx. 10,640 entries

Tyrolensia Catalogue is accessible at:

Tyrolensia Catalogue

We are mainly interested in what interests you :)

The award activity in broad outline: The library invites the Tyrolean chroniclers to browse the digitised Tyrolensia catalogue. The focus is on researching the content according to areas of interest (according to districts, municipalities or topic-related). Participants have the possibility to forward the researched titles to the University and State Library of Tyrol and thus submit proposals for digitisation. They can submit as many proposals as they wish and do not have to limit themselves to one subject area. As soon as the chroniclers hand in the proposals, the library will check whether the books are suitable for digitisation. As a reward for their participation, chroniclers can choose one of the submitted titles to receive it as a reprint. Overall, the action serves to establish contact with a relevant target group and as a stimulus for exchange on Tyrol-specific topics.