Here you will find information about the activities that support the project results - reports, recommendations, guidelines and other deliverables of the different work packages.

D12a Technical report on the implementation of conversion services (WG 4)

The report aims to assist librarians and other cultural organizations in making digitized content accessible to wider communities. It specifically concentrates on the trial implementation of conversion services, considering various delivery file formats based on different software, file format types, and accessibility criteria.

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Report on Trial Implementations for Mobile Devices and Print-Disabled Users (WG 4)

The aim of the report is to help libraries and other cultural organisations in the field of culture to make digitised content available to a broader communities.

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Guidelines and recommendations for the provision of alternative and special formats based on the survey on special needs of users and technical requirements (WG4)

The Guidelines are aimed at organizations in the field of culture that digitise their collections for broader audiences, and are concerned about reaching mobile devices users, print-disabled, blind and partially sighted communities.

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Report on best practice workshop “A15a Preparatory workshops to build up a knowledge pool for the hands-on-workshops” (WG5)

This report focuses on the outcome of the preparatory workshop held online on 27 October 2020. The purpose of the workshop was to reach an initial understanding of best practice solutions for practical rights clearance including relations to Copyright Management Organisations (CMOs).

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